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We explore eco-friendly products and provide beneficial value to the earth and people.
Global Recycling Company, RightRoute.

Management Philosophy

Responsibility for the Environment

RightRoute conducts continuous research and develops recycling technology to protect the Earth. We strive to minimize environmental pollution throughout our business.

Useful and Sturdy Product Development

We develop essential products for the earth
and people instead of trend-oriented products.

Green technology for the earth

Recycled Material Development

CES 2022 Innovation Award / Venture Company

TEXNIC was established to solve the rapidly increasing waste of secondary battery separators as the electric vehicle market grew.
We provide beneficial value to people and the planet by developing high functional recycled materials from the separator wastes.

Domestic, International Patent (PCT/KR2021/008404,008804)

TEXNIC Shortcut

Your ESG partner

Recycled Products OEM

Certified Social Enterprise/Certified Female-owned Business.

We provide uniform and promotional product design & manufacturing services for companies and organizations.
We have a solid infrastructure for a mass production that can produce a variety of products.
As an ESG management partner, we offer recycled products that are effective in reducing carbon emissions at reasonable price.

Contact Number : 070 - 7655 - 9843

Major Business Cases

SK Innovation Co
Recycled Vest
for Volunteers
PG4 Summit
Upcycling Fashion
Show Pieces
Leftover Fabrics
Recycling Design
GS Global
KIXX Workwear
Volunteer Vest
Professor Guk
Jong Lee's helicopter uniform in Regional Trauma Center at Ajou University Hospital
LH - Volunteer Vest
Professor Guk-Jong Lee's helicopter uniform in Regional Trauma Center at Ajou University Hospital
Children's raincoat for SRT high-speed rail promotion.
Workwear for executives of Korea Middleland Power Corp., LTD
Apron Sungdong-gu Office
Sports Monster Mask
KAIST College of Business Hoodie
KAIST College of Business T-shirt
CROWNHAITAI K-arts Korean Traditional Music T-shirts

Designer Incubator

Provides various services including work space
and education for young designers to stand on their own feet.

Designers worked
with RightRoute
Number of designs created
with our designers
  • [Practical-based Production Education] Designer Project 1st~11th
  • [Work space for Fashion Designer] The 1st and 2nd store of RightRoute Share
  • [Fashion Designer Collaboration Brand] 11 seasons of RightRoute Street
  • [Local Educational Welfare Project]
    'Samsung Dream Scholarship Foundation' Fashion Designer Maker
  • [MOU] RASARA Fashion Design Institute Collaboration

Currently, the designer incubator business is closed
and only the work space "RightRoute Share" is in operation.

RightRoute Share Shortcut



  • CES 2022 Innovation Award
  • Partnership with Material ConneXion(USA, Europe)
  • Launches TEXNIC


  • Participates in AVPN(Panel)
  • Selected on EGG Major Company Collaboration Program
  • Participates in PG4 Summit Upcycling Fashion Show Pieces
  • Participates in PIS 2021
  • Certified Venture Company
  • MOU with RASARA Fashion Design Institute


  • Receives the grand prize at the SK Innovation Eco Social Business Contest
  • Receives the grand prize at the Shinsegae I & C Mini Contest
  • Establishes a Research & Developemnt Department
  • WWF collaboration Re:Textile Sustainable Fashion Project
  • Receives KT group Hope Sharing Foundation Social Change Maker Award


  • Certified Social Enterprise
  • Selected on Lotte Duty Free KWAVE
  • Receives the grand prize at Incheon International Airport CVS 'the creation of new jobs' Contest


  • Launches RightRoute Share
  • Designs and supplied Professor Guk-Jong Lee's helicopter uniform
  • Selected on H-ondream Fellowship


  • Certified Female-owned Business.


  • Operates Designer Incubator
  • Establishes RightRoute INC