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Right Route

'The Right Way' for the Clean Planet

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Our Business

Green Creative for the Planet

Greenative RightRoute for the earth,
for the future, and for people.


We Eco-friendly recycled materials and factory-friendly production systems meet to create valuable upcycle products for the planet.

We provide various upcycled products in respons to customer requests such as promotional items, uniforms, or gifts with eco-friendly recycled materials.
RightRoute OEM will be your ESG partner, providing all servicesfrom design and samples to production.

Experience the eco-friendly upcycled products with RightRoute and take a first step for securing a sustainable future.

Certified Social Enterprise.
Certified Female-owned Business.
Certified Venture Enterprise.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Consumption and Production

Establish a virtuous cycle structure of resources by manufacturing recycled fabric using various raw materials, including the secondary battery separators.

Responses to Climate Change

Research and development of resource recycling technology to reduce greenhouse gases generated when incinerating waste.

Protecting the Ocean and Using It Sustainably

Research and development of plastic recycling technology to purify the ocean polluted with plastic waste.


RightRoute is working on protecting the environment and
developing the technology for the earth and people.