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Make the right path for a healthy Earth

Right Route

The technology needed for the earth, for the future, and for people

RightRoute's patented technology develops high-function recycling materials

that recycle waste secondary battery separator films.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

지속가능한 소비와 생산

Sustainable Consumption and Production

Establish a virtuous cycle structure of resources by manufacturing recycled fabric using various raw materials, including secondary battery separators.

기후 변화 대응

Responses to Climate Change

Research and development of resource recycling technology to reduce greenhouse gases generated when incinerating waste.

대양 보호와 지속가능한 이용

Protecting the Ocean and Using It Sustainably

Research and development of plastic recycling technology to purify seas contaminated with plastic waste.

지속가능한 삼림 관리

Sustainable Forest Management

Sustainable forest management resources using FSC certified paper

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Right Route adds value to a variety of products through continuous recycling technology development and strives to improve the global environment.
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